IZR-051 Radiation ashmeter


Portable radiation ashmeter IZR-051 is designed for fast measurement of the ash content of coal and its products in its natural radiative properties. The device is based on measurement of the total activity of natural gamma-emitting radionuclides, which in turn is directly proportional to its ash content. The instrument measures the ash content of coal in piles in the storage areas, containers, wagons and various transport, provided that it is fully immersed in the measured mixture. Within a few minutes you will get the result of determination of ash with minimum error.



Probe length, m
Diameter, m


Energy range of detected gamma radiation
0.05 - 3 MeV.
Operating temperature range
-20 ° C to + 40 ° C.
Running time on a full charge:
- Probe - at leas
- Control - at least
40 hours;
8 ocloc'k
Number of calibration characteristics least  

The width of the probe (with handles), m


Device weight (without case), kg


Measuring range ash, %

3 - 80

Humidity in the measurement of coal


Operation mode setup time no more.
2 min

Measurement error:
within a measuring range of 3 to 15%;
within a measuring range of 15 to 20%;
within a measuring range of 20 to 80%;

- 1%
- 1,5%
- 2%

The structure IZR-051 includes:
- Detecting block (probe) in titanium;
- Smartphone OS Android;
- Specialized software;
- Chargers smartphone and the probe;
- Moisture-Shock protected case;
- User's manual.