SEB-50 Beta-spectrometr


Single-channel stationary beta spectrometers SEB-50 are designed to determine the β-activity of Sr-90 isotope in the presence of K-40 and Cs-137 in the concentrated sample and the native.
The measurement method based upon the fact that as a result of β-decay of Sr-90 formed β-active Y-90 on the emission spectrum of which is taken basic information about the activity of Sr-90. A special algorithm provides a digital correction displacement, compression-stretching of the spectrum in the case of the effect of temperature on the spectrometric channel.
Spectrometers are supplied with the plastic scintillation detectors with the diameter of 70 mm or 100 mm.


Minimum measurable activity at 1 hour to the measurement sample thickness of 5 mm, a diameter of 70 mm, density 1,0 g/cm3;

0,4 Bq

The range of energy registration

200-2300 кeV

The entrance window of the detector

70, 100 mm

The background intensity in the range of 200-1200 keV

not more than 0.3 pulses/sec

The distance from the detector to the sample to be measured

3 mm

Power consumption

not more than 300 W

Turn-on time

not more than 0.5 hour

Time of continuous operation.

24 hours


- Scintillation detection block;
- Low-background protection with feed samples;
- Signals pulse alyzer;
- Spectrometric Softwere;
- PC;
- Methods of measurement;

- Set connection cables;
- User's manual.