Gamma-spectrometrs based on HpGe-detectors


Single-channel gamma spectrometric complex SEG-50(Ge) based on the HpGe-detector designed for precision measurements and research in the field of nuclear spectrometry for professional laboratories. The complex allows to accurately determine the volume and specific activity of gamma - emitting nuclides in the field of energy from keV to 3 keV 10,000. Spectrometers are equipped with a detector planar or coaxial design on a different energy range (including X-ray), as well as by using components of customer (low-background protection, analyzer etc.).
By agreement with the customer can supply additional devices (electronic scales, automatic supply of liquid nitrogen items of office equipment, etc.).


The choice the detector, analyzer pulse signal and the cooling systemзащиты


Main specifications of the spectrometer determined by the parameters of the detection blockt, the analyzer pulse signals and the system cooling (electric coolers or liquid nitrogen).

The type and parameters of HpGe-detectors
Electromecanicle system cooling
Analyzer pulse signals
Spectrometric software
low-background lead shielding