Repair alpha-, beta-, gamma-spectrometry and radiometric complexes:
- Upgrading spectrometers;
- Repair charge sensitive preamplifier ORTEC, Canberra, BSI, and Ge(Li);
- Recover vacuum in cryostats HpGe-detectors ORTEC, Canberra, BSI, and Ge(Li);
- Setup, calibration spectrometric equipment at the workplace of the customer;
- Metrological support.

Repair electromechanical coolers X-Cooler:
- Total system diagnostics detector-cooler;
- Recover in vacuum cryostats cooler;
- Repair of the compressor;
- Replacement of cooling agent;

Development and adaptation of software and measurement techniques to the needs of the customer:
- Creation of databases MySQL, Access for storage spectrometric data, reports, etc .;
- Development of client applications for MS Windows, Linux, iOS, Android;
- Modelling of processes of interaction of radiation with matter by the Monte-Carlo with use Geant4, MCNP;
- Development of techniques of measurement taking into account specific character the measured samples;
- Training of staff.